Welcome to the Magi Nation Web Ring!

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Keeping it REAL with traditions that actually work, The MAGI NATION Web Ring provides circular, old-fashioned peer support through nostalgic networking technologies and methods.

The Magi Nation Web Ring was established to bring together websites with a specific interest in personal and professional networking using both modern and classical technologies. If you have a webpage that you feel vibes with the appeal of the Magi Nation Web Ring or if you feel a desire to partner with those who do, you are invited to join us. If you have more than one website, you may add all of them! The Magi Nation Web Ring is a Master Ring, which means we are a ring which contains other internal rings within it.

Members often join local or subject-specific rings within Magi Nation. While this is not required, we encourage members to expand the groupings down below in order to offer more fine-tuned support to members, whether this manifests itself as local group or as a trade group, we leave it to our members to determine. These internal rings are managed by a member(The "Ring Leaders"), not by the Magi Nation Web Ring. Governance for all rings within the Magi Nation Web Ring are governed from the top down, with indivdual rings and groups managing localized decision-making processes.

Webrings are "web clubs or communities" that connect webpages with similar subject content. Each member site shares resources and benefits, much the same way as any fraternal organization. In today's high-tech, fast-paced world, things aren't generally as simple as they used to be. Webrings are an OLD concept of networking that actually still works. By networking our websites in a circular fashion, we are able to share the space between our trusted members, which allows us to capitalize on traffic generation, referals, advertising space, and literally every other imaginable resource.

In addition to the typical 1990s-styled webring peer group, we take our union a step further with our bi-weekly meetups, which all members attend. We are looking forward to seeing YOU join our ring as a member and thus, a part of the Magi Nation Family!

If you DO NOT own or control a website(many of our members don't!), you may still join the Magi Nation Group at LINK. We welcome all to join!

IMPORTANT: The "navbar" webring navigation code must be added to your webpage you register with to continue being a member of this webring. If you need any help or assistance, just contact the RING MASTER